Daily Notice for Sunday 10 September 2017

9:00 AM
Fresh for Kids Campaign
Fresh for Kids Campaign runs from 4 September to 15 September. Primary students are rewarded for making good choices of fresh fruit or veggies. Students are able to earn 1 sticker a day, once students have 3 stickers they are eligible for a free prize from the canteen.
(Mrs C Hall)
9:00 AM
Canteen Maintainence
Due to maintenance over the holiday break I will be required to cut back on stock for routine maintenance on the fridge/freezer. This will be required to be switched off for up to 1 week. . I will be posting in the newsletter each week what is no longer available and what stock I am running low on. I will always have available fresh items sandwiches, rolls etc but will also guarantee dino nuggets and junior pies. I will need to check each lunch tub as they come to the canteen and some students WILL need to return to the canteen to alter their order. I aplologise for any inconvenience that may occur.
(Mrs C Hall)

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